An Unforgettable Evening with Vibe Riot

There is no sweeter gift that a band can give an audience than understanding the relationship goes deeper than entertainment. Jaewar & Vibe Riot have a sound that trickles into your bones, speaks to your soul, and opens your mind to experiencing something new. Whether they are surrounded by mountains and dancing strangers on the Ferrum College Workshop Stage at FloydFest, or performing at a cozy venue like Roanoke’s VIP’z Sports Bar and Bistro, they make a point to celebrate their audience while sharing their work. 
Jaewar & Vibe Riot are building something unique. Their approach speaks to the individual as much as an entire audience. From the moment the band enters a venue, creating a sense of familiarity with the crowd is their first priority. Between setting up their equipment, a labor of love in and of itself, they take time to greet fans by name. At their VIP’z performance, as the DJ began amping up the crowd, Jaewar took a pair of earplugs out of his pocket and handed them to a woman close to the stage. Every single person and every detail was important. 
This must also be true in the studio. The lyrics are important to Jaewar, and he uses the five love languages to energize and speak to his audience. In many ways, this makes the performance feel like a conversation with an old friend.
The same dedication is reflected in the contribution of every band member. There is something about watching a performer become one with their music, allowing the song to be the star, that captivates every person in the room. As Nina Mallia moved on stage, her voice wove a spell that called everyone to pay attention to the lyrics. When the funky jazz beat of “Peace of Mind” began, the mood turned introspective. 
“Rise above what’s expected/we work to the bone and we’re disrespected/don’t drink their wine and feel neglected/what once was free is now infected.”
Jaewar speaks about authenticity in this track in a way everyone can understand. Looking around the room, even the staff of VIP’z could not take their eyes from the stage. Cell phones came out, but not as a distraction. People could not resist taking videos and photos of the band with a stage presence that will be remembered for years to come. 
Between songs, Jaewar encouraged the audience to speak to someone they didn’t know. The message was clear. There we were, a room full of people, with so much love to give and many stories to share. So we closed our eyes, let the music break down our walls, and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. Because after all, the change must come from the inside. 

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