There is an African proverb that states, “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” Which begs the question, how many stories are left untold when people close their eyes for the last great adventure?

As humans, we have a desire to share our stories. If we didn’t, social media would not be so popular. People are storytellers by nature. Just listen to podcasts like “Snap Judgement” and “This American Life” for examples of everyday battles woven into pure gold. As readers and listeners, we are enamored with stories that belong to other people (anyone remember “Serial”?). So why do we often live out our entire lives without sharing our own?

Feeling brave? Inspired? A little lost?

Send me 250-500 words of your story. It can be something that happened to you last week, your most memorable moment in your life so far (good or bad), or it can just be what you did yesterday. I’ll send you a FREE gift in return.

The value of your words increases every time a story is shared. Let’s start sharing yours today.